Kody with a K Davidson

video to this day. Kody has been studying post-production for six years and has knowledge of formats and compressions that could make your head hurt. He is working toward his first diploma in Television arts from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He did this by moving away from his hometown in Peace River, Alberta to the big city. On the way Kody has received awards for his video work such as a first place Skills Canada Television award. Kody also has plans to expand his diploma by getting a degree in Film, hoping to become a master of film.


Although Kody is young he is a fully capable video editor even making videos for government ententes such as the Leduc County Municipality and the Alberta Provincial Government. Kody values hard work and is dedicated to get the job done, without compromising work-flows. Kody truly loves what he does with a burning passion and it shows in his work. He is truly a nerd in both video and his personal life, playing video games and watching YouTube, When he isn't glued to a computer screen Kody enjoys driving, snowboarding and having dinner with friends.

Editing is an art that, if done right, is unnoticed...

Kody Davidson, or Kody with a K as he calls himself, is a video editor interning at Studio Post, and working at Canadian Television (CTV) in  Edmonton, Alberta. Kody is well known for his love of video editing and the post-production field. First falling in love with the art of editing in grade ten, Kody studied video and continues to study


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