A short bio of who I am.

Kody Davidson is currently a picture editor and online editor. In his position, Kody edits short and feature-length films and looks after all the exciting aspects of online editing. Including codec knowledge, preparation work for colour, slotting in visual effect shots and completing projects professionally.

He is a big believer that creative editing must have the technical expertise to support a project, and is happy to implement that knowledge into his work and use it to answer any client questions.

Kody is a qualified editor and holds a Television Arts diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), including honours in recognition of scholastic achievement in his studies.

Kody has spent over seven years in the editing world and has gained extensive experience in the film and television field since his early days.

Before joining Studio Post in 2014, Kody worked for four years in a diverse range of organizations, including CTV, Astral Media, and CityTV! 

Kody’s varied background in creative and technical editing provides the perfect foundation for an efficient post-production workflow when he’s the editor for a project. 

Passionate about post production and the processes it involves, Kody can not only provide services that are creative and driven, but he is also able to produce technically sound pieces that are accurately delivered, in any format. 

Kody has worked on award-winning films and television series, including such works as “It's Not My Fault: And I Don't Care Anyway,” “Caution: May Contain Nuts,” and “Alberta Primetime.” Kody has also been a part of the post-production team for films such as “The November man,” “Two Night Stand,” and “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn” throughout his career.

Kody with a K