The Art of the Cut


I'm finally getting around to reading this book. The Art of the Cut by Steve Hullfish. I must say it is very dense! Lots of great information for anyone who wants to learn about editing or editors that want an insight into how other editors work.

The book is comprised of about 50 interviews with editors of TV and movies gather on the site Pro Video Coalition. So the info in this book is available for free, but I would still recommend the book because Steve went through all of those interviews and split them up based on topic. Every chapter of this book is all the answers each editor gave on a particular subject. Such as organisation, collaboration, pacing, structure, etc.

I'm having a blast reading it, both for the information and the oh I should do that in my workflow moments. You can pick up on Amazon or if you'd like a taste of one of the interviews here's one that Steve did after the book came out.

Kody with a K