25 Years of Premiere Pro

This year Adobe's Premiere Pro will be 25 years old, so will I. Maybe that was just fate. As my NLE of choice, I feel it necessary to write something to commemorate a long history of innovation that Adobe continues to this day.

I first learned and started my editing software knowledge with Premiere Pro CS3 during high school. It was my first taste of what real editing was like. This was no movie maker, this was a professional tool. It captured me and set me on the path I find myself on today. I made a brief switch to Final Cut Pro 7 before FCPX came out but once Premiere CS5.5 came out I knew it was going to be the NLE I'd be using for years to come.

Premiere Pro is the reason I got into editing. I wouldn't even have known I liked to edit if it wasn't available at my high school. (Thanks Mr. Sloane and Mr. Sandy, you two obviously played a big part.) Thank you Adobe for showing me my passion. 

Adobe Premiere Pro's was originally written by one man, Randy Ubillos.

Adobe is celerbrating the aniversary with a contest they're calling Make the Cut. You need to re-edit the Imagine Dragon's Believer music video. I'm for sure going to put in my cut and I wish you luck if you're going to try it yourself. First prize is 25,000USD! 

Kody with a K