Story Summit Banff 2017


Over the weekend I went to Banff for a filmmakers conference. I was only able to go for one day, but it was a blast! I must say AMPIA put on a great event! There was a lot of people there eager to be inspired and to network with like-minded people. It was a nice group! If I had one complaint; it is that none of the keynotes, even the one's I couldn't make it to, weren't about storytelling in the editing suite. Which is fair, not many editors were to begin with. I just think it would have been informative for everyone there to get that perspective. I am clearly biased, though, and the focus on storytelling from all the other keynote speakers was clear! That's what it is all about.

A particularly highlight for me was Stephen Campanelli's keynote. He talked about his journey to become Clint Eastwood's go to DOP. It was a great, uplifting story of his journey. He ended it off with a look into his future, now that he's starting to get into directing. Then he said something that stuck with me the most. You need to work with an editor who is going to fight you in the suite. When I heard him say that I jolt of excitement as this man understood. He is 100% correct as an editor you need to challenge a director, for the good of the story. You won't will every time and you might both lose to producers but you got to do it or the movie will be worse for it. Now I'm getting ranty. It was awesome.

I spent the night hanging out the incredible Nicole Murphy, Lindsey McNeill, and Matt Alden. Eating food, telling stories and laughing uncontrollably loud. I even met an awesome new friend named Shanna! It was a great weekend, and I only went for Saturday, because I was busy with a movie I'm working on called #Roxy. (I'll write about that once it's complete.) Next year I hope to go to all three days!