The new version of is out and they weren't kidding; it's a massive improvement. I could be just like their marketing and tell you about the 100 new features but honestly, no one cares about that. Instead, I'll tell you about the feature changes that I've noticed on the first day and why I care about them!

  • Having the option to chose what type of link I can send to someone, between a review link or a viewing link. This is a feature I'm going to use extensively and has completely fixed a minor issue I was having with the software. It comes with the added bonus of being able to send anyone a review link without having to invite them to the project.
  • Link management, to go along with the new links you can send. It shows you how many people have clicked on it, let you get it again to send to others, set an expiration date if you didn't set a date for the link to expire or disable it completely.
  • Clients and yourself can now mark videos as 'approved', 'needs review' or 'in progress'. I would like to see a needs 'approval button' but I guess the 'needs review' button is similar to that.
  • You can now buy as a yearly service instead of just monthly to save 10%. A small but appreciated change. They also added another tier of service for those that need more space.

Those are the new things that stood out to me on the first day of the new update. It's a great service and I recommend it to any editor who needs to deal with clients remotely.

Kody with a K