Post Notes

I just want to share this little, yet amazing, extension for Premiere Pro. It's called Post Notes. I've been using it for about a month and I think it is a must have for a serious Premiere based editor. 

Post Notes is basically notepad in Premiere which doesn't sound that amazing, but it really makes working on scripted content easier. I'll explain the way I've been using it. I'll get an email of the doc or pdf file of the script, outline or even just notes in the email itself. Instead of having that open in another program and switching between that program and Premiere I just copy the text and paste it into post notes. Now it's just a tab in my Premiere project. It also has a to-do list feature as well which I don't really use but it's there if you a checklist type person.

Notes and To-dos get saved within the project file to the sequence. No external text files or emails. This means each sequence can have its own unique notepad and to-do list. It also means if you are passing sequences between editors (who both have post notes), the notes go along with the project. The notepad and to-do list are separate. You can have active notes and to-dos, or just one. To top it off unlike, what seems like everything these days, it's a one-time purchase of only 10USD.

It is just like notepad; so you can't center text or have bold text which are things I would like to see added in the future. I don't think it needs to have full word processing capabilities. That would just slow things down. But having at least basic rich text editing would be great.

Update: April 2018 the website is no longer functional. Too bad it was a nice tool.


Kody with a K