I've become a Citizen of the United State of America


Well, the title is slightly misleading as the way I did it has me an American citizen since the day I was born. Doesn't change the fact that this five-year process sucked! From my perspective, I've received my first US Passport, this is me becoming American.

It all started when I was 20. In the USA being 18-20 makes you a somewhat adult but not really, because I was still able to get an easy passport by having my mom file for it with a bit of paperwork. She failed to so before my birthday so that application was throw away.

Next, I did some googling and found that I could apply to be an immigrant and because of mom's status (as an American Citizen if that wasn't clear before) I could not be denied once my name came up on the five-year waiting list. So this year was the fifth year! My name was going to come up! Cue in Mr Donald Trump. One of the first things he did after becoming president removed all family based immigration which this waiting I had been on for four years was under.

Back to the drawing board. I did some more googling earlier this year and learned that I didn't google very well four years ago as I found that I could claim my citizenship instead of applying for it. The key word is "claim".  I had to get a crap ton of paper work as proof. (Seen below.)

All the needed papers next to five DVDs for scale. It's thicker than the desk!

All the needed papers next to five DVDs for scale. It's thicker than the desk!

Chase and I went to Calgary to visit the US Embassy. Well, I went to the Embassy he was just there for the fun times afterwards, and they were fun times. Anyway back to the story. 

I bring in all that paper work into the Embassy the first thing they ask you to do is turn off your cell phone and hand it over. Then you go through security. It actually wasn't bad at all. The guards were really nice, but they were also Calgary locals. After three hours of going through paper work and questions, they determined that my paperwork was sound and they were happy with it. (They better of been I brought everything I could think of!) BUT it wasn't enough, and they wanted more proof from my mother. That said they didn't make me have to go back to Calgary. They had me sign their paper work there and put the application on hold until mom sent them more proof. Which I got her to do the following Tuesday. (Monday was a holiday in Canada.)

After fives years of dicking around it is finally done. I'm an American citizen born abroad. Due to recent events, I would like to point out I didn't go through this trouble to be part of one of the most racist white supremest groups of my life time. Simply career motivated. Nothing should stop me from editing in Hollywood someday!

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