Adobe Certified Expert

Yesterday I officially became an expert in Premiere Pro. It was not too hard. The test surprised me with a bunch of audio questions, but I managed to pass with 90%! The process after seemed a little weird as I was given just my score sheet and nothing else. No direction on what happens next. So I'll tell you what happens next. Adobe emails you with a special login so that you can download the images you see in the post. It also gives you access to send verified emails to whomever you want via the site. I wish it came with a PDF document so I could print it out and place it next to my diploma but in the day and age of the internet, this is a minor complaint. If you've three years experience with Premiere or took the course, I would suggest you take the test.

Update: turns out you do get a PDF I just needed to sign an agreement form that I somehow missed!

Kody with a K