Capturing Closed Captioning and the Sony HDW-F500

Here's something that I get to do less and less nowadays. Work with tape. I used to work with tape almost every day. I started out using Betacam SX when I was at CTV, when I came to Studio Post I got into more types of tape, from ¼ Inch, D-Beta, Beta SP, DCT, to HDCam SR, just to name a few. They're pretty good formats. They're expensive, and we have better digital formats now but purely on the specs, HDCam SR holds up well. HDCam, without the SR,  I'd say is a bit out dated given that it only does 1440x1080, which is upscale on capture to 1920x1080. Seeing as this happens so little, I figured I'd make a post about it. Could be the last few tapes I make, for all I knows!

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How to Learn Anything

Tonight is the How to Learn Anything Premiere at the Garneu Theater in Edmonton. If you don't know this series then let me introduce you to how to learn anything. Each episode Stephen tries to learn two new, unrelated skills, and combine them in unconventional and entertaining ways. Through failure, frustration, and help from experts, he hopes to provide a candid, inspiring look into the process of learning and hitting big goals.

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Storyhive: Hometown Sundowns

The music video I edited for, the lovely, Olivia Rose came out today! The song is about going back to your roots, going home. It was a fun project to work on so please enjoy! And if you did enjoy it don't forget to vote for Olivia at Storyhive's Website!

Tonight at 7pm MDT there will also be a free premiere of everyone's music videos at the Metro Theatre in Edmonton. The song is also coming to iTunes and Spotify! But if you cannot wait that long you can get it now at CD Baby.

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Media Composer | FIRST

Media Composer | First has been officially released today by Avid. They updated their YouTube with an introduction video as well as seven tutorials on how to use this version of the software. This is an exciting step for Avid. Their software has always been very expensive and locked off from those who want to learn. Now we have an option for everyone, but is it any good?

I've been playing with all day I think it is pretty good. It is missing a lot of features that I care about but if I was just starting out in high school or college this would have been amazing. That said it still has Avid's learning curve and the lack of UHD is disappointing. I might suggest Davinci Resolve over Media Composer | First because Resolve is easier to use and has way more flexible exporting options. That said if you're looking for a way to learn Avid without dishing out the cash this is the perfect option for you!

You can give it a try yourself here!

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