I've been Accepted in the ACFC union

Having been in the Vancouver, area, for about three months now, I've learned that getting into the union is very important. The two that I've been targeting are IASTE 891 (so that I can one day transfer to IASTE 33) and ACFC 2020, and I'm happy to announce that I've been accepted as a permittee Editor for ACFC! That's one down and one to go! Luckily Editing applications for IASTE 891 opened up last week, so I'm in the process of collecting all the paperwork I will need for that. Hopefully, I will have it all on Monday! December is my month!

I moved to Vancouver

This post is a little late as I actualy moved last week but it was a long weekend, and I spent it in the USA with my mom.

I finally did it, though. I've been planning this move for years as a stepping stone towards Los Angeles. I've made it into the Vancouver area aka Hollywood North. I'm excited to try and expand my editing experiance with bigger fish in the area! For those I left behind in Edmonton, I should be back in October for a visit.

I've become a Citizen of the United State of America


Well, the title is slightly misleading as the way I did it has me an American citizen since the day I was born. Doesn't change the fact that this five-year process sucked! From my perspective, I've received my first US Passport, this is me becoming American.

It all started when I was 20. In the USA being 18-20 makes you a somewhat adult but not really, because I was still able to get an easy passport by having my mom file for it with a bit of paperwork. She failed to so before my birthday so that application was throw away.

Next, I did some googling and found that I could apply to be an immigrant and because of mom's status (as an American Citizen if that wasn't clear before) I could not be denied once my name came up on the five-year waiting list. So this year was the fifth year! My name was going to come up! Cue in Mr Donald Trump. One of the first things he did after becoming president removed all family based immigration which this waiting I had been on for four years was under.

Back to the drawing board. I did some more googling earlier this year and learned that I didn't google very well four years ago as I found that I could claim my citizenship instead of applying for it. The key word is "claim".  I had to get a crap ton of paper work as proof. (Seen below.)

All the needed papers next to five DVDs for scale. It's thicker than the desk!

All the needed papers next to five DVDs for scale. It's thicker than the desk!

Chase and I went to Calgary to visit the US Embassy. Well, I went to the Embassy he was just there for the fun times afterwards, and they were fun times. Anyway back to the story. 

I bring in all that paper work into the Embassy the first thing they ask you to do is turn off your cell phone and hand it over. Then you go through security. It actually wasn't bad at all. The guards were really nice, but they were also Calgary locals. After three hours of going through paper work and questions, they determined that my paperwork was sound and they were happy with it. (They better of been I brought everything I could think of!) BUT it wasn't enough, and they wanted more proof from my mother. That said they didn't make me have to go back to Calgary. They had me sign their paper work there and put the application on hold until mom sent them more proof. Which I got her to do the following Tuesday. (Monday was a holiday in Canada.)

After fives years of dicking around it is finally done. I'm an American citizen born abroad. Due to recent events, I would like to point out I didn't go through this trouble to be part of one of the most racist white supremest groups of my life time. Simply career motivated. Nothing should stop me from editing in Hollywood someday!

Capturing Closed Captioning and the Sony HDW-F500

Capturing Closed Captioning and the Sony HDW-F500

Here's something that I get to do less and less nowadays. Work with tape. I used to work with tape almost every day. I started out using Betacam SX when I was at CTV, when I came to Studio Post I got into more types of tape, from ¼ Inch, D-Beta, Beta SP, DCT, to HDCam SR, just to name a few. They're pretty good formats. They're expensive, and we have better digital formats now but purely on the specs, HDCam SR holds up well. HDCam, without the SR,  I'd say is a bit out dated given that it only does 1440x1080, which is upscale on capture to 1920x1080. Seeing as this happens so little, I figured I'd make a post about it. Could be the last few tapes I make, for all I knows!

Esther Day

I know I mainly focus on my passion of editing on this blog, because I love editing but, today I want to talk about a different kind of love. Seven years ago a girl named Esther Grace Earl lost her battle with cancer and was taken from the world at the age of 16. You can read her full story here.

I didn't know Esther personally, but she touched and continued to touch many lives to this day. Esther wanted there to be a dedicated day for people to appreciate the other people in their lives. The people they love but she not in a romantic way. She wanted the love you have for your parents, your close friends, your pets, to have a day that is acknowledged and celebrated. After her death, the nerd-fighter community started Esther Day on her birthday, August 3rd, as the dedicated day for non-romantic love. That is why every year on August 3rd I, and many others, make an effort to tell someone close to them that they love them; even, if that's hard to do. If you want to celebrate Esther Day, make sure to take a moment to tell the people in your life that you love them.

Happy Esther Day - Kody with a K

How to Learn Anything

 How to Learn Anything

Tonight is the How to Learn Anything Premiere at the Garneu Theater in Edmonton. If you don't know this series then let me introduce you to how to learn anything. Each episode Stephen tries to learn two new, unrelated skills, and combine them in unconventional and entertaining ways. Through failure, frustration, and help from experts, he hopes to provide a candid, inspiring look into the process of learning and hitting big goals.

Storyhive: Hometown Sundowns

Storyhive: Hometown Sundowns

The music video I edited for, the lovely, Olivia Rose came out today! The song is about going back to your roots, going home. It was a fun project to work on so please enjoy! And if you did enjoy it don't forget to vote for Olivia at Storyhive's Website!


Tonight at 7pm MDT there will also be a free premiere of everyone's music videos at the Metro Theatre in Edmonton. The song is also coming to iTunes and Spotify! But if you cannot wait that long you can get it now at CD Baby.

Media Composer | FIRST

Media Composer | FIRST

Media Composer | First has been officially released today by Avid. They updated their YouTube with an introduction video as well as seven tutorials on how to use this version of the software. This is an exciting step for Avid. Their software has always been very expensive and locked off from those who want to learn. Now we have an option for everyone, but is it any good?

I've been playing with all day I think it is pretty good. It is missing a lot of features that I care about but if I was just starting out in high school or college this would have been amazing. That said it still has Avid's learning curve and the lack of UHD is disappointing. I might suggest Davinci Resolve over Media Composer | First because Resolve is easier to use and has way more flexible exporting options. That said if you're looking for a way to learn Avid without dishing out the cash this is the perfect option for you!

You can give it a try yourself here!

Fire at Studio Post

Monday was an exciting day for us at Studio Post. The building next door caught fire due to a molotov cocktail. Around noon the fire department determined that they needed to take the whole building down. We weren't allowed back into our building as it might have been unsafe. Fast forward to this morning, and we're back. It smells in here, but we're back, and most importantly all of our data seems to be safe. Just remember everyone, always have an offsite backup! You never know.

For a full story visit Global News here.

Adobe Certified Expert

Yesterday I officially became an expert in Premiere Pro. It was not too hard. The test surprised me with a bunch of audio questions, but I managed to pass with 90%! The process after seemed a little weird as I was given just my score sheet and nothing else. No direction on what happens next. So I'll tell you what happens next. Adobe emails you with a special login so that you can download the images you see in the post. It also gives you access to send verified emails to whomever you want via the site. I wish it came with a PDF document so I could print it out and place it next to my diploma but in the day and age of the internet, this is a minor complaint. If you've three years experience with Premiere or took the course, I would suggest you take the test.

Update: turns out you do get a PDF I just needed to sign an agreement form that I somehow missed!

Music Video Shoot

Over the weekend I got to be on set as the DIT for the music video I'm editing this month. It's not often I get to be on set but every time I've been on set I've always found it to be a fun experience. This time I was there to work though. Being the DIT, I got to test out an app I'd never used before called Hedge for Mac. I've heard many good things about it from a podcast I listen to called Go Creative Show. I have got to say they didn't leave me astray. Hedge for Mac is so simple, user friend and most importantly copies media fast with a checksum for each file. For some perspective, it took 7 minutes pre 120GB RED mag to copy. I'm now back in the office, and I've begun syncing footage, and I'm happy with what we got. The crew has another shoot this weekend. Hopefully, they can get by without the editor on set.

Canadian Cinema Editor Awards!

The Canadian Cinema Editor Awards took place last night in Toronto. Sadly I was unable to go, but I wanted to share the winners on my site anyway! Maybe one day my name will be on there!

The Art of the Cut


I'm finally getting around to reading this book. The Art of the Cut by Steve Hullfish. I must say it is very dense! Lots of great information for anyone who wants to learn about editing or editors that want an insight into how other editors work.

The book is comprised of about 50 interviews with editors of TV and movies gather on the site Pro Video Coalition. So the info in this book is available for free, but I would still recommend the book because Steve went through all of those interviews and split them up based on topic. Every chapter of this book is all the answers each editor gave on a particular subject. Such as organisation, collaboration, pacing, structure, etc.

I'm having a blast reading it, both for the information and the oh I should do that in my workflow moments. You can pick up on Amazon or if you'd like a taste of one of the interviews here's one that Steve did after the book came out.

Premiere Pro Update 11.1.1

A new update for Premiere came out today, and it's a small one but a much-needed one that was causing issues for lots of people. This update fixes the deleting cache problem that was introduced with the feature to audio delete the cache after an X number of days. The problem was that it was deleting cache all the time for some users. In some cases even deleting original media, YIKES!

The update changes the behavior of the media cache deletion. With 11.1.1, only files that are within the Media Cache folder’s subdirectories will be deleted. Files that sit next to it will no longer be affected. However, we still strongly recommend keeping the Media Cache folder separate from your original media.

It's a good thing they got to the bottom it fast but as the quote above says I would keep your media and your cache separate. Luckily for me this is the reason I never had an issue with this bug.

Skills Canada 2017

The Skills Canada Alberta Provincial competition was held May 10th and 11thy. I once competed in the very competition for video production.  I was asked to come back to be a judge for this year's videos. I got to say this year's high school students made some good videos. Much better than when I judged in 2015. Congrats to the High School from Grande Praire for making it to the nationals! Maybe I'll get to judge again in the future.